Update on A-Levels

So I’m almost done with my A-levels!!!

Over the past 3 days, I had papers back-to-back. Even though I do 3 subjects only, it was so stressful that I wanted to cry. I felt that GCSEs were much easier.

@ anyone who did MEST3: How did you find it?? I don’t know what to feel. I think I might have messed up everything….

@ anyone who did GEOG3: here’s a video of Hitler reacting to GEOG3 2016. It made me feel better about myself…


@ anyone who did PROD3: yeah we’re pretty much fucked… May the grade boundaries be low as ever

So all that’s left is GEOG4 on Fracking… next Thursday. Before that, I have Graduation on Monday (ASDFGHJKL!!!). After Thursday, I am a free woman and can do what ever tf I want. My drafts are starting to pilled up cause I’ve started on posts for this blog once I finished my exams. Also the blog will go through some major changes that I’m still deciding on.

So let the countdown start to the end of A-Levels….

Also good luck to those doing finals, SATs, A-levels etc or waiting for results to come out.


-Yo gal Indra

PS: Indra Skye is just a pen name. I might just use my name to blog in the future cause I wanna link this blog to my Soundcloud account lol. I’m still thinking about it.


*****Update: I have decided to change the url to indraskye and also change the layout of the blog. Further changes to the blog will be made in the near future.

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