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Things I’ve Learned Before I Graduated

Now that A-levels are over and that I’ve graduated, it’s time to do something with this blog other than complaining about A-levels. I’m gonna start off by telling you a list of things that I’ve learned over the last 16 years of formal education:

*This will vary for different people based on different experiences. Also I’m sorry if I start roasting people. I just wanna get it out there.

  1. Everyone lies. Yes even your best friend. No matter what, straight up and confront them about it. Listen to what they have to say.
  2. Everyone changes. You change. Your friend changes. Personally I call it a growing process or evolving. Embrace the change. Some people actually don’t like it but who cares? They need to move on…
  3. No matter what, you’ll loose friends. It can be from a fight or just simply loose touch with them over the years. Being in an international school, friends come and go and there’s nothing you can do about it. Luckily we have social media to connect with people.
  4. Meeting new people has given me a broader understanding of others and I get to learn new skills.
  5. It is okay to make mistakes. You learn from them.
  6. Never ever ever compare yourself to others. I have accumulated so much anger from this cause I felt like a failure from other people’s successes. Really though, I now see my failures as learning processes and maybe in some cases successes since not everyone can do what I can do.
  7. Relationships aren’t important!!! This is something that definitely not everyone will agree on. I honestly felt that I’ve wasted my time over my secondary years on crushes when I could actually think about other stuff that makes me happier like sports or that new Beyoncé album. Honestly I gave up on this. Why would I think about or try put effort into something that could break me? I’ve been telling myself this for such a long time and never took it seriously until now; I am an independent woman who don’t need anyone. Though, this view will obviously change in 10 years.
  8. Cliques don’t exist… well at least in my own school. We tight yo! Suck that stereotypes
  9. Prom is ridiculous… in the movies. I consider myself an anti-prom person. The hype around it really bothers me especially the dressing up part.I never planned on going but I did go to prom and actually enjoy myself cause I get to see my friends that I will probably never see ever again and the decorations were Harry Potter Yule Ball themed (my weakness). The prom committee did such a good job. It wasn’t like the movies as well so suck that Hollywood.
  10. It’s not good to worry too much. I find myself worrying about something everyday. Last night I thought that my uni decided to turn down my application at the last minute even though I’ve gotten an offer from them a few months ago. Silly me…
  11. It is important to think for yourself. You > other people. You know your limits and what you want and it’s important to be mentally and physically safe and healthy.
  12. Out of every 10 people there’s always 1 asshole. I made that up actually to describe the fact there’s always someone that hate your guts and wants to see you fail. But there’s a lot of people that are a lot nicer than you think.
  13. Apologising is better than a non-ending feud. Makes you feel better cause negativity isn’t good especially with guilt.
  14. I learned how to play 5 musical instruments and I actually enjoy playing 4/5 of them. lol
  15. Trying something new is worth it. I’ve played touch rugby for about 2 years now and I love it.
  16. It’s okay to get rejected cause it just opens up new opportunities.
  17. Sacrifices are painful (very) but in the end you’ll feel better about it cause it also opens up new opportunities.
  18. High School isn’t like what I thought it would be. Yes I expected High School Musical kind of shit. I bet you do as well.
  19. Don’t give a shit what others think about you. You’re gonna forget each other anyways so why bother? If you do, you will think that you’re being someone you’re not when you were younger.
  20. Always try to remember embarrassing moments between you and your best friend/s. It is good blackmail material. If it is you with the embarrassing moment, suck it up honey and laugh with it.
  21. What ever you do now with your education is gonna affect you in the future. Never try to fuck up your own education. Do take it seriously but not too seriously.
  22. Grades do not reflect who you are as a person. I felt that being in my previous school for 9 years have lowered my self confidence as a person and in my studies cause no one has ever told me this before I transferred.
  23. There is always an alternative to anything.
  24. Deal with the consequences for your troubles. You cannot escape this.
  25. It is okay to be different. This makes up your identity. Fitting in with the crowd is boring. Standing out makes you unique and memorable. I wish I’ve known about this earlier.
  26. Never try to please someone who doesn’t like you. Don’t waste your time honey. You are far better off without them.
  27. Surround yourself with people that makes you feel comfortable. You will be exposed to positive vibes.
  28. Separate yourself from people who don’t give out the positive vibes that you want.
  29. Any kind of motivation is good. I like memes that give motivational vibes.
  30. I spent too much time on the phone. Self explanatory.
  31. Complaining about school isn’t gonna help me graduate faster. It makes you more miserable than you already feel. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  32. Not all teachers suck. Some are actually great to get along.
  33. Once you drop maths at GCSE, you’ll suck at the most basic calculations after 6 months. It’s kinda sad though.
  34. Although the canteen food sucks but you’ll actually miss the ones that you can tolerate.
  35. Make sure that you do stand up for what you believe in
  36. Bad haircuts isn’t equivalent to the end of everything. It’s just hair.
  37. Make up free days are the best days cause you let your face breathe. Personally I don’t wear make up often but when I do, I have the urge to scratch that itch on my face.
  38. I spent way too much time on my phone. It is not good. Go outside. Look at that tree.
  39. No one is gonna help you get your shit together. You do it yourself.
  40. Alone time is the best time. It feels nice to think and relax without the existence of others in your little bubble.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to say about this. Let me know what you think and see you soon! 🙂

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