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Thoughts of a Graduatee of 2016

Here is the long awaited post of my final 3 days of Sixth Form… No pictures tho cause I wanted those to be private between my friends and I…

O. M. G

I’m officially out of school.

And having an existential crisis

So normally my school has a tradition of signing people’s shirt (uniform) whenever someone leaves. 10/5 was officially the last day i get to wear my uniform before study leave. everyone was signing shirts with sharpies (yeah we had marker stains on our skins).

It was a start of the end…

Pajama Day: 11/5

Being the idiot that I am, I came in my old school shirt cause I thought it would be funny to wear a shirt from a different school. I also brought in a neck pillow and a teddy bear.

80s/90s: 12/5

I came in as the character Jubilee from the X-men series. I also had my last lessons in high school ever. Later that afternoon we had a geography trip to the mangroves. Most of us came in our outfits from that day.


Yep friday the 13th

And everyone came in red

I got to school at 5am with friends to beautify the sixth form area. It was tiring but so worth it. One of the things you need to do before uni is a senior prank. My mom didn’t get to do one back in her days so she was pretty much very okay with it, also she loves seeing what do people do each year.

This year…

  1. Someone made a communist themed poster of our Head of Sixth Form with one of his daily reminders to us, “Sweep The Sheds” and hung it up outside the canteen
  2. We covered our Head’s office with his school photo from when he was younger (we left it in some other places as well so people could find it after that day
  3. We turned our common room into a nightclub. Lots of garbage bags were used.
  4. We cling wrap corridors
  5. We barricaded the Yr11’s lockers which prevent them from getting access to them.
  6. We tried to stop the Yr11s from using our elc and canteen by using signs that says “No Yr11s allowed” and “Sixth Form Only” (cause it was originally made for us sixth formers and we got praised for it from ex-students and the Yr12s). Yes we are so salty
  7. There are so much more but I can’t fully remember it cause I continued this post 2 months after I started

We had Naan for breakfast and then had a waterslide ready. Those who didn’t want to slide stayed inside. My group of friends and I had a dance party. After that we had fun, it was time for the final year group assembly. So much laughter, so much tears. It was a good one.

It was a bitter sweet day honestly.

Prom: 28/5

It was a fancy night with good performances from my year group. So much talent in one group.

Graduation: 13/6

The final goodbye. I did it guys. I can’t believe it. I’m never gonna see some of my friends again physically.

Make the most of it during your school days. You will cherish them in the future.

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