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Flickering lights, white walls

dusty windows and a worn out looking door in the corner

It sounds sketchy

but really, it is a cozy home

There she lays snuggling with a blanket on the couch

reminiscing what had happened within the last 4 months

She was happy

now she feels numb

She spent the past hour crying her heart out

and thought about what went wrong

A memory of how he used to hold her starts to appear

it felt like warm marshmallows

And also his kisses

sweet and comforting

She feels empty now

like someone ripped her organs apart

She remembered how he used to laugh at the silliest things

but at this moment she couldn’t hear the phone ring

Ring ring ring

there goes the phone

no answer from her so it stopped

Took her a while to rehydrate herself

and a little bit longer to set up the bath

A bath just what she needed

to clear her head from the world

All her worries start to wash away as soon as she immerses herself

she smells roses, something that she hasn’t seen for a long time

“Might as well get me some tomorrow” she thought

A first step to recovery

3 hours later she starts to cook dinner

“pasta sounds good” she thought

and soon after that, she felt better

She thought about reading a book

a classic

So she debated with herself

for what could keep her head in peace

Before she decided

she heard the door knocked

As she went up to the door

the thought of an unwanted face ponders

And one look through the peep hole,

her night starts to crumble.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. I wanted to do something different for once and kinda running out of ideas on what to write. I don’t know what inspired this. Probably one of those teen romance books I’ve read a few weeks ago. I’ll try to post as much as possible during the summer.

Till next time…

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