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In The City



These buildings
They look the same
They look different
Like they have something different to offer

I see reflections at daylight
Bright lights at night
Pretty I thought

I like the sound of busy streets
And I like the view of the concrete jungle from my window
The sounds of horns may be displeasing
But I still sleep in peace

I went for a stroll along the harbour once
The sea right in front of me
These skyscrapers standing behind them, blinking
The scent of sea water, the windy night
And the sounds of footsteps and chatters passing by
Beautiful I thought

The other day I took a trip up to the Peak
It was a 10min tram ride
On a very steep slope
Went up a lift and a few escalators
Claustrophobia started to cloud into me

Until I feel the wind
On the top of an island
I see uneven buildings with the sea in the middle
And trees just below me
This is something I don’t see often

The day I left
I actually miss the views
and the sounds

For what could only remain as a memory today
Keeps me at peace at thought

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