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Gotta Catch’em All

You can already tell from the title what am I going to talk about.

I like this app a lot. I wasn’t much a Pokémon fan when I was younger but I did grew up watching a bit of the series.Didn’t play any video games cause I wasn’t allowed to when I was younger. Basically my knowledge on Pokémon is quite limited.

“OMG you’re such a fake fan” well I don’t care. I have 4 games in my phone and I’m getting sick of them. However I knew enough to know that Team Rocket are intro and hair goals (I found them quite amusing to watch) and using a purple Pokéball on a Jigglypuff is the most ridiculous thing you can ever do.

Over the past week, there has been a craze all over my country. Places where you hardly see anyone coming are packed with people. And these places don’t have anything worthy for most of the youth. The public parks are hardly used until this game existed. I’ve heard stories about people going to places where they’ve never been to in their own country so this is exciting.

So on my Pokemon Go adventure today, I went to one of the local parks near the capital. I shit you not I caught 18 Magikarps today. I also caught a Dratini, Hitmanlee, 2 Rhyhorns, a bunch of Slowpokes and Psyducks. I also managed to hatch an egg and it was a Spearrow which is great cause I’m trying to evolve mine, that I nicknamed Birdy Spears. I also named my Pidgeot, GeyGey Hadid and my Hitmanlee, Bruce Lee (I’m a genius lol).

I mean my mom’s kinda glad that I’m actually going out of the house (she was bragging the other day). I am too cause today I got to use the work out equipment in the park (just because there were 3 Pokéstops in one area). So I was pretty much multi-tasking. I’ve been trying my best to stay fit in the summer so this is good.

Do you know that feeling when you stole someone’s empty gym just after they battled it? It makes you feel like laughing like a villain.

Do you know that feeling when a Pokémon escapes? My heart is in pain.

Do you know that feeling when you manage to catch a really good Pokémon? Feeling like a winner.

We all know someone who caught more than 3 Pokémon without having to get out of the house.

People who activate their lure modules are heroes.

This game is a childhood throwback for many of us. I’ve always wanted a Charmander to myself. With this game it makes it possible (still can’t find a Charmander though). Such good timing for Niantic to release the game in Asia last week. I needed a distraction from my A-level results which comes out next week.

What’s also great is that companies have started taking advantage of this to do business. One of the local parks have lowered their entry fee for Pokemon Go players this weekend and I’m gonna take the advantage to go on the rides there haha. Our Coffee Bean branches are having a 10% discount on their Ice Blendeds. This is amazing.

I think the one that actually benefits are phone companies cause RIP phone data. I heard T-Mobile offers some refund or promotion for this. Lucky Americans.

But remember this game also comes with a risk. Make sure you do look at your surroundings especially near roads. Also please don’t drive while playing it.

Let me know your thoughts on the game. I’ve heard debates about it over the last few months.

I’m out x

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