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Over The Summer 2016 Edition

Summer’s coming to the end for most of us and it’s getting disappointing. Now that September’s arriving, we go back to the routine of 5 day sleep schedule and 2 days of sleep, writing on papers, forced physical exercise and emotional breakdowns from school. For some of us, it would be different cause we’ll be moving out of our comfort zone to further on our studies. Personally the idea of university still scares me cause I’ve been a lazy fuck this whole summer. I was supposed to re-learn Chinese but have never flipped a page of my brother’s textbook for the last 2 and a half months. I was supposed to help my aunt make a webpage for her beautician-spa stuff but I’m halfway there since the end of June. There are other stuff that has happened like this so I have concluded that I am screwed for living alone in uni. But me being the stubborn bitch I am, I do not think that I’m ruined once I get to uni unlike what my family has told me. I am contradicting myself.

I have met up with friends over the summer. Not many though. You know that feeling when you and someone agrees to hang out during the summer but in the end you never did? Yep, always happens.

I have also tried to work out at home. That shit ain’t easy bruh. At the same time its fun and it feels satisfactory at the end of thr day.

The idea of Results Day terrified me throughout the last 3 months. Victims of A-levels, will know that shit ain’t easy. Countless of essays, courseworks, calculations, sleepless nights and mental breakdowns will all sum up into letters that won’t even matter at some point in our lives. But then it’s kinda important in a way that people are relying on it to get into uni. I know I did. Didn’t do so well but I still got into the uni I wanted.

Speaking of uni, I’m leaving in 2-3 weeks to study Media and Sociology in the U.K. I’m feeling all excited and nervous. I’m basically going to study in a country that I’ve never been to. Alot of the knowledge I have are some of the geographical fearures around the U.K and Harry Potter. Yup. This is gonna be interesting…

So in the limited time I have, I’m just gonna pack and eat and maybe meet up with friends. I also need to learn how to cook. I’m a shit cook. I also made a list of things to eat before I leave. 4/20 has been ticked off. Packing would be a problem for me. I kinda wanna bring my Harry Potter book collection but on the other hand I need a big packet of Milo.

I’ve also travelled and this gave me the opportunity for self-discovery. Here are the findings

  1. I’m not a people’s person. I’ve got an independent boss bitch personality and I value “me time” way more than others.
  2. I now know that milk in my tea is not a good mix for my stomach to handle.
  3. I love spicy food more than usual but then I never realized that having watery snot dribbling down from your nose means that your body cant take in the heat… I’m still gonna eat a lot of spicy food anyways.
  4. I’m not good with directions and maps. Despite being a Geography student, I suck at map reading. How I manage to pass? Idek. 
  5. I really like heights a lot. Especially if there is a city skyline view.

View from Namsan Tower, Seoul, South Korea
View from a relative’s apartment on the West Coast of Hong Kong
View from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

I’m honestly can’t wait to see what’s there on offer for the next 4 months of 2016. Definitely so many adventures to remember.

So what have you discovered in your summer?

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