Lunch thoughts

Procrastination is my best friend and I’m enjoying my lunch right now. Trump is on TV atm and I don’t even know what he’s saying… Literally I can’t hear the tv in this restaurant. What inspired this post is the fact that I’m eating alone and not everyone likes eating alone. So this is a eating lunch alone in public appreciation post.

I actually enjoy eating alone rather with people. That’s cause I’m just a me kind of person. The time I spent just by myself may be a bit too extreme for others. Isolation just gets you thinking and the time spent from thinking can lead up to something like this post.

I’m really enjoying this Garlic Naan, Aloo Gobi and Mango Lassi. The Aloo Gobi is a bit too spicy for me but I don’t care cause it’s so good and the Naan tastes fresh. My glass is half empty by the time the food arrive cause this lassi is so good.

Being alone is making me think so much about uni. What to pack? Milo, Maggi instant noodles, my Harry potter book collection? Idk man. I’m still trying to process the fact that I’ll be living away from home.

Also, why did I start on a new post instead of drafting the older ones currently sitting in my draft box? Stupid me. Might as well get on it…

One thought on “Lunch thoughts

  1. There are times that I also prefer eating alone, especially when my mind is messed up. Just like your reason, It also gives me time to reflect on things and I must say that it’s feels good for some reason 🙂



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