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Uni Me

So I’m in a restaurant on a sunny Friday afternoon… and usually in Wales, a sunny day is a rare kind of day. Kinda funny tho cause it’s the opposite back in Brunei. You Need Me and I Don’t Need You is playing in the background. Yes I love Ed Sheeran. I’m also having mac and cheese with bacon for lunch. Dat shit good af.

I just came back from my last class of the week and I feel so free~
Until I start reading the material needed for next week’s seminars. The uni life is so far great honestly. Homesickness is starting to get to me but I guess I have to deal with it for the next 9 months.

I’m actually happy to go back to studying, especially taking an undergraduate program on Media cause I really enjoyed my Media lessons in A-level. During the last 3 weeks, I managed to change my course from a joint honours to a single honours. I couldn’t be happier cause I’m enjoying my new electives within my course.

I’ll be honest here, I only went to one of the clubbing freshers events. I don’t regret it tho. The clubbing atmosphere is something that I’m uncomfortable in so I ended up walking around the city with some other friends. Funny story: one night otw back home, a drunk guy said koniciwah to me. I’m not Japanese but many said that I do look Japanese. Happened to my cousin too back when she was in uni haha.

So there’s that on my life update… How was freshers week for you (if you’re in uni rn)?

Yes I’m aware that it’s not Friday anymore. Why the late upload? Cause I just take forever to edit and upload. Also to contrast this, it raining right now and I’m in need of a new iPhone cable cause mine stopped working and my phone is dying.🙃

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