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How to Wing It In Uni 101

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So I’m in my 10th week in uni now, 8th excluding international week and freshers week. I have to say I’m doing better than expected. Here’s some things I did and got over the last 2-3 months of the independent life…


  1. Cut up a bunch of vegetables and stir fry it with meat- Let’s not forget salt and pepper and a bit of spices.
  2. Fried egg and rice with ketchup or chilli sauce- It’s a local classic
  3. Cooking food in a microwave- Still need to try out the microwave brownie recipe but I swear I made a good omelette once.
  4. Get some honey- honey roasted veggies or chicken is simple, easy and doesn’t require that much effort.
  5. Get a rice cooker or a crock pot- It will be your best friend. I made some savoury rice thing for dinner earlier tonight. It taste good. Recipe is here but I’ve altered some of the ingredients since it was late to get them ( I had dinner at 9 okay). I’ll post it up one day.


  1. Photos from home- Shit loads of them consisting of your family and friends to stick on my wall to feel less homesick
  2. Posters- It makes your room feel more personalised. I personally got a couple of Harry Potter ones cause I forgot to pack mine from home
  3. A tissue box- Your best friend when you’re sick, feel like bawling your eyes out or spill a drink on your desk
  4. Stationery- You’re here for your education don’t forget. Also I love looking at stationery.
  5. Chocolate- Sometimes I’m not bothered to walk to the kitchen
  6. Clothes Rack- I hand wash some clothes and they’re also quiet useful to hang/throw clothes if you can’t be bothered to hang it on a clothes hanger.
  7. Bring your teddy bear- My friend asked me this the week before I flew off “What are you gonna bring with you to the UK?” “A teddy bear”. Yes, out of all things, I said a teddy bear. Don’t judge I’m sure you would bring a stuff animal too to feel special.
  8. Not the best advice ever I’ll admit but keep a bottle of alcohol with you in your room– Occasionally I destress by having a drink. You can always find a substitute for this.

Some Other Advice (mostly aimed towards the start of the year):

  1. Check carefully if your accommodation site provides a vacuum cleaner
  2. Get your own mop– if you have an en-suite room
  3. Have a good pair of trainers- cause gurl you’ll be walking a lot
  4. Make sure you have a sewing kit handy– cause somebody forgot to bring one and has ripped a pair of pants a month ago
  5. Plasters as wellurgently important when it comes to wearing new shoes
  6. Get a thermoflask or tumbler– also a good subsitute if you break your water bottle
  7. Get a lanyard to hang your key and student card around your neck
  8. Don’t underestimate the weather– Lets just say that I have taken all my long sleeved tops for granted back home and also there are days where I wear clothes too thin to withstand the Welsh weather and wind
  9. Waterproof coats/jackets and shoes– Especially if you’re going somewhere that rains alot
  10. Have a scarf, a beanie and a pair of gloves in your bag– Do this when it’s starting to get cold. I get dem chills in the middle of my outings so yeah
  11. Bring some food stuff from home– cause you need it especially for the few days in (you’ll not be bothered to go grocery shopping… or maybe that’s just me)
  12. A plate and a bowl isn’t enough to survive- Cause first, you need something to hold your ingredients to defrost in the oven. Secondly, you’ll have guests, period. I still need to get extra plates and bowls…
  13. Save as much money as possible- cause when you’re living the independent life, there ain’t nobody holding you back from travelling. The only thing holding you back from this are money expenses, school work and yourself. So control yourself. (this is also a personal reminder to myself)

So that’s all for now folks. Let me know if there’s anything else to surviving the uni life in the comments below 🙂

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