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A Weekend in Wolverhampton and Birmingham

My uni has this thing called Reading Week. Basically its a week  in the middle of the semester with no lectures, seminars or workshops so that you can catch up with your work but lets be honest here… No one actually does work unless something is due in that week or the following week. Yes, I did work and managed to complete most of it by Thursday cause that week was my deadline. I also had another assignment due that upcoming Monday but I left that to do some other time and its irrelevant in this story.

Just a week before my trip, I thought “Hmm… What if I go visit one of my best friends in  Wolverhampton? I’m going to London to visit my other best friend the week after but I’m so done with laying around Bangor I need something new. I’m gonna complete all my assignments anyway.”

So with a little bit of planning and this and that, I got a train from Bangor to Wolverhampton. It was a 2.5hr journey but I was so happy to see my dear friend Syidah. She didnt live far from the station so it was all good. We went to Primark cause I needed to get some stuff. We dont have Primark here so every trip out of North Wales is a Primark shopping trip. I got myself a pair of Harry Potter shoes and couldnt be happier. We also got matching boots cause we needed waterproof shoes. After that we went to Kaspa’s to have desserts for dinner. That’s right. I had chocolate for dinner.

That night we decided to stay in and have a chill night. We were skyping with a friend of ours who I visited the week after. It kinda feels like we were back in Sixth Form so it’s a nostalgic night. In the end we slept at 1.30am despite having to get up early for a Birmingham day trip.

So when we were in Birmingham, we basically just walked around, went sight seeing. We went to the canal and it has a calming atmosphere. We took photos and basically just chilled. We returned to Wolverhampton at 5.30 and basically it was just me packing my stuff to get on my train back home.

Okay so here’s where it starts to get a little interesting… and I’m gonna make it as dramatic as possible.

So when I arrived at the station, I was a minute late for my train. That’s cause stupidly I waited for the lift and it never came so I was like screw this the stair it is! I ended up missing that train but fortunately, I caught another one within 5mins that’s going towards my destination, Shrewsbury.

Okay all goes well right?


I had a transit in Shrewsbury. I checked the Trainline app before arrival and it says that the train I’m meant to take is on Platform 3, which means that I have to go underground to get there. But when I got to platform 3, there wasn’t any trains. Turns out the transit train was on Platform 4… WHERE I ACTUALLY GOT OFF THE TRAIN!!

So I dashed through the underground walkway and climbed up the staircase which by the way was steep asf. The train was still there- yeah obviously I was gonna catch it right?


The train wouldn’t let me in and left after 2 mins of me giving up.


So I have to wait for an hour for the next train to arrive. During this time, I decided to Skype with my friends.

An hour later, I got on the train. Everything was swell until I reached my transit in Chester…


The train had already left 4 mins before I even arrived. So what the hell actually happened? Well just before Chester, my train had a delay in Wrexham and because of that, several others and I missed the last train to Bangor!

The train company compensate us with a bus in Llandudno Junction to take us back but before that, let me put this in: We had to wait for another hour for the train towards Llandudno Junction to arrive. The train also delayed so we had to wait an extra 10 mins. At this point, I was beyond pissed and tired. I arrived back to Bangor at midnight, 2 hours later than what I actually planned!

You might think that I would actually go to sleep after a long day right? Well you thought wrong again. I didn’t wanna go to sleep angry so I went out with my friends cause I already had plans with them that night. It did get my mind off what happened and that was good cause I did managed to get a good night’s sleep so all is well…

It was a good first solo trip overall. I had a good time with my friend and the trip back was quite something. Till next time x

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