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Another Year… Same Old Reminders

So it’s 2017… you don’t say.

2016 was quite something. A mix of good and bad and I’m sure everyone can quite agree with that. I’ve personally had a good year in general. 2016 was a year where I got myself to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. It was also a year where I feel that I got to explore myself more. It was also the year that I finally graduated from high school and attended university in a completely different country.

My aim for this year is just keep on doing what I’m doing I guess but with a few adjustments. Firstly, I need to update this blog a bit more often. Those incomplete posts sitting in my drafts cannot stay there any longer. Secondly, I need to learn not to give a fuck. Despite going over my comfort zone last year, I always have thoughts of regret after it has happened. I need to remind myself that I am an independent adult and my parents aren’t here to tell me what I can and cannot do. Thirdly, I need to stop being lazy and get my ass out of my room. I’ve missed football practice for a month before winter break because I was very tired from having classes the whole day and I found the weather too cold for me to handle. I say bs. No more silly excuses.

They’re not new year’s resolutions. They’re just reminders to myself to keep note. I’ve had these reminders since the start of December 2016 haha.

So far 2017 is good. Ed Sheeran’s releasing an album soon so obviously it’s gonna be a good year. 🙂

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