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My First Concert

So I went down to London towards the end of November to visit my best friend, Dania. Other than missing her presence, there is another reason… We went to see Panic! At The Disco at Alexandra Palace.

I’ll be completely honest here; I wasn’t a fan of their music before (I’m sorry) because I feel that I’m more of an All Time Low and pop ballads kind of girl. There are definitely a few songs that I favour but most of the time, I stick with All Time Low and pop ballads. The reason why that I went is because I wouldn’t let my best friend go all the way to Central London alone, especially when she wasn’t familiar with the place. It was also a good excuse to come down to London I’ll have to admit.

So before the concert, I obviously have to listen to Panic!’s music so that I wouldn’t feel awkward. For almost a month, I’ve been listening to Panic! on the way to lectures and workshops, particularly their new album Death of A Bachelor. I have to admit, I love this album. It mixes in jazz, rock, punk and pop together and it is my kind of style. My favourite song off the album is LA Devotee. I love the lyrics and as well as the vibe the song gives out. I swear that’s what I’ve been singing the whole time since the concert and still singing it non-stop to this day.

So Dania and I managed to get really close to the stage but being short has a disadvantage. We couldn’t see the stage most of the time cause all we see were heads so we looked through people’s phone to watch the concert.

I would say I did not regret it one bit because Brendon Urie’s vocal range is beautiful to hear live. A week before this I’ve been listening to Nathan Sykes’ new album, Unfinished Business, and Dania knows that I go weak when I listen to him cause of his amazing vocal ability. After buying tickets, she told me “You will love his voice trust me” and she was right. At the concert, I was blown away by all the notes he hit flawlessly. I shit you not I got chills when he was singing that high note in Victorious. I also lost my shit at Bohemian Rhapsody and LA Devotee.

So after the concert, here’s when it starts to get interesting…

Dania’s phone died, mine was at 17%. We didn’t really know how to get back home. We planned to take an Uber. I didn’t have an Uber account since I don’t need it in Bangor. It was also raining. Our last proper meal was at 12pm. We eventually got a bus to one of the tube stations and got on the last train home to Kingston and arrived back home at 1am. It was a long day but so worth it.

I’ve had taken a lot more photos but I’m only gonna post a few because I’m not happy with the quality of the rest. Sorry :/

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