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Lost In Caen: Where is Steve?

I went to Caen, France for a day during winter break with a friend. We got lost and eventually missed our ferry back to the UK but hey its okay cause everything was smoothly sorted plus it was a good adventure. One thing we both learned that day for sure was:

  1. Always planned out where to go beforehand
  2. Learn a bit of the language of the country you’re visiting so that communication would be much easier
  3. Never leave your essay to the last minute
  4. A day is never enough if you’re visiting a country that is rich in history and where you can’t speak their language

For our short trip, other than getting lost in the tram and bus system, we visited the Caen Memorial Museum. Both of us had limited knowlegdge on World War 2 outside of Southeast Asia so it was interesting to learn about D-Day. The museum also had a garden behind the building and we went around taking pictures because it looked so majestically peaceful.

On our way back to the ferry port, we missed our bus stopped and went around everywhere it was unbelievable. But we did get to see the city’s architecture which I truly adore and also managed to see the sunset.

Overall it was a good trip since it brought so much adrenaline. I would want to go back to Caen again and visit the D-day beaches.

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