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Brighton Book Haul

During Easter break, I took a trip down to Brighton for a few days with my friend Shiobhan. Shiobhan suggested that we go down to a second-hand bookstore while we’re there. See, Shiobhan and I are bookworms which is one of the reasons why we’re still friends for the last 7 years. So basically, we didn’t properly plan out where to go so we googled on the spot the nearest second-hand bookstore. We went to North Laine which is a shopping district in Brighton.

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The bookshop we went to is called Books For Amnesty. It’s hot pink in colour and you can’t missed it.

Books For Amnesty is a charity organisation which sells second-hand books to support human rights. Other than Brighton, they have other branches across the U.K as well (which is great for me cause I planned to come back here to get more books).

I’ve never done this before but I’m just gonna go for it. My book haul consists of 3 very different books. Take note that I haven’t read any of these due to commitments to my assignments so they’re just brief descriptions from the back.

The first book I picked up was  What’s Your Story? Postcard Collection. As mention on one of my previous posts, I collect postcards when I travel. This book is technically written by many people including J.K Rowling herself and it contains handwritten postcards on people telling their day or story and etc.

The second book I got was Agents of the State by Mike Nichols. It is a crime novel with 3 different stories and I feel that they all link up somehow. I’ve been interested in crime so it was something I was keen on picking up.

The last book is Book of The Dead by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson. It is non-fiction and it’s a biography of dead people. I’ve seen the table of contents and it has a list of people who are recognisable from history like Genghis Khan and too some other not so famous historic people. I’ve been interested in non-fiction recently (as in 1 year ago because I didn’t spare anytime to read since uni started).

I actually can’t wait to start reading these over the summer. I’ve also bought more books over the internet last weekend and I can’t wait to share my thoughts about them.

Do leave some book suggestions because I’m planning to read a lot all summer. 🙂


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