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Wickedly Mindblowing

On 17th May 2017, 14.30, I have finally checked off something that has been sitting on my bucket list for the last 5 years, watching Wicked the Musical. It was the best 2 hours and 45minutes of my life. Yes, I’m a musical theatre geek and I fully embrace it.

I first heard of Wicked through Glee. Defying Gravity was the first song I heard of Wicked. Of course after hearing the Glee version, I searched up the original. I love it! I soon started to search up more songs from the musical… which lead up to me knowing the lyrics to most of the songs. I had a phase guys. I was constantly talking about Wicked to my friends and mom despite not seeing it yet at the time. One day I found a recording of the play on YouTube, so I decided to watch it instead of doing my homework and shower after a long day of school. Yes I spent the whole night watching it while smelling like sweat. It was indeed a problem.

I kid you not, I shed a tear during the first few minutes of the opening. I tried not to but oops. I also sang along to most of the songs (luckily my row was empty in the first place). I kid you not I know the words to The Wizard and I, Popular, What Is This Feeling, should I even go on? Even though I knew what was expected, it still felt like I was seeing it for the first time. Before deciding to pursue a Media Degree, I wanted to do Set Designing for Theatre or Film and shows like Wicked or movies like Harry Potter inspired me to design (until the several mini scares I had while doing one of my course works before I changed my mind). Even though I’m fully committed to pursue a degree in Media, I’m still very keen on designing and would often sketch consciously or sub consciously during my free time or halfway through lectures.  I give this show a 11/10… simply because I’ve been dreaming about this for so long. Watching Wicked has also pushed me to work harder to treat myself to more musicals.


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