Hi there. My name is JH and this is my blog.

Indra Syke is a combo of a Sanskrit name and the name of one of my favourite TV characters (but she goes by Daisy Johnson now) and was previously used as a pen name.

I’m from this tiny but peaceful country call Brunei but at the moment I’m currently an undergraduate in the UK to pursue my degree in Media Studies. I don’t do much with my life cause I’m a pretty boring person but I do dance and play football (soccer if you’re in America). I also really like Harry Potter and musicals. I also play 5 different musical instruments.

I started this blog to pass time while waiting for my A-level results and to get into uni over the summer. Now that I’m in uni, it’s here for me share my travels, experiences and some creative writing.

Sometimes I do sing on Soundcloud so do check it out.


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